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The local ramen shop where Zephy spends more than a healthy amount of time. Eight of their dishes were created by Zephy, three of which are named after her. They may as well just put her name on the deed considering that she single-handedly pays for the equivalent of five months' of the restaurant's expenses in a given year.
That place with all the big buildings and stuff. The overflowing population makes Elmer uncomfortable and wary of venturing there.
A term used to describe the fanbase of Sonic Craft.
See also: Sonic Craft
Dapper Inc.
A tech company started in the 70s by Mike Fires, Mike Mariachi, and some other guy nobody remembers. While once just pretentious, they have rapidly become more and more concerned with trends and profits than actually creating useful and/or functional technology, especially after Fires's recent passing. Their emblem is a rather dapper moustache (hurr hurr, it's like they planned it or something).
Facial Hair
Something Elmer doesn't have. He's not happy about it.
The Friday Night Double
Friday night gaming competition that ends in the loser buying everyone dinner. First Friday of every month. 
Gaming and Entertainment International (GEI)
An off-kilter gaming company that's been around since the 1880s that in no way resembles Nintendo. Based in Germany.
KaBlooey Brothers
Not a Smash Bros. parody.
Monty's Stuff
Vintage gaming store on the bottom floor of the mall. Sells video games, trading cards, general gaming memorabilia, actions figures, and comic books. Krys works there.
OP Spandex Teens
A cheesy American children's show that should've ended in the 90s, but, alas, it lives on. The villains are cardboard, smoke machines abound, and a majority of the footage is ripped from an older Japanese show. But who cares, it's got fight scenes and stuff.
Noob Squad
GEI's most absurd franchise. Definitely not a parody of Banjo Kazooie and other Rareware titles.
Noob Squad: The Fighters
Totally not a Killer Instinct/Sonic:The Fighters combo-parody. Copies are impossible to find.
The Phantom
Sonic Craft
An insanely popular metal band that broke up about a year and a half before the start of the comic.
Triple Bypass Burger
The ultimate dining experience: a sandwich unlike any other. With two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns and three beef patties, it wields ten slices of bacon, fourteen pieces of cheese, and three fried eggs with ease. Served atop a basin (yes, a basin) of tater tots, it is the true test of manhood.
See also: The Typhoon
Triple Bypass Deluxe
Elmer didn't think the Triple Bypass was enough, so, in a display of sheer stupidity, challenged the Typhoon's owner that if he could eat three Triple Bypasses in one sitting, Elmer would gain the ability to create a new dish. After some haggling, he was also able to score free drinks for life for anyone he ever comes with. Signing four different medical release forms, Elmer conquered the challenge and created what is now known as the Triple Bypass Deluxe.
It consists of two Triple Bypass Burgers, three chicken strips, four cheese sticks, and five wings. It's the way to Elmer's heart.
See also: Triple Bypass Burger; the Typhoon
The Typhoon
A restaurant in downtown Cityland where the drinks are big and the burgers are bigger. Home of the Triple Bypass Burger. Must be 18 years or older to enter.